Hickory Room FAQs

What does rental of the Hickory Room include?
Rental of the Hickory room includes: (Be sure to discuss if you need to use the digital equipment)

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Plateware, utensils, and glasses
  • Projector and screen for digital presentations
  • Surround sound for music

What menus are available for events in the Hickory Room?
Our varied event menus include:

Do you have parking?
We have four parking lots available for guests of both Bibs Downtown as well as for events at Hickory Room at Bibs Downtown

May guests bring their own alcohol to events in the Hickory Room?
We charge a corking fee for outside wine
Beer and mixed drinks have to be purchased with Bibs Downtown

May varied catering be used for events held in the Hickory Room?
Bibs Downtown provides the catering for all of the events held in the Hickory Room at Bibs Downtown, but we are open to making exceptions in terms of baked goods such as wedding cakes, birthday cakes, etc.

Are linens included for Hickory Room events?
We are happy to provide linens for a small rental fee

Do you require a security deposit?
A security deposit is required and it is best to secure the Hickory Room as early as possible – contact catering@bibsdowntown.com for all of the details