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    Mark Little

    Pitmaster Mark Little has a rich history of cooking and living in Winston-Salem. Born in Winston-Salem, NC Mark comes from a long line of cooks. His father and Grandfather worked together at Williams & Company Meat Market at the Downtown City Market in the 1920's and 30's. His Uncle cooked in several downtown restaurants starting at the age of 13. Today, Mark follows in the footsteps of his illustrious family to be one of the most sought after and well known pitmasters in the state and soon to be the nation. The best part about this talented pitmaster, he would rather be serving and perfecting his creations to serve his fellow man than receive the notoriety he so richly deserves.
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    Ricky Seamon

    Davie county native, Ricky Seamon was raised around the restaurant business and has always had an obvious affection for preparing and eating great quality food. The best part, Ricky is the son-in-law of Mark "Pig Daddy" Little and hopes to learn from the best. Today, Mark and Ricky are nationally known as some of the most talented "Bestern BBQ" pitmasters in the nation and soon to be the world! Helping Mark on his private events when available only increased the drive to create for himself. As fate would have it, when Robert and Ricky hatched their plan for a restaurant on vacation, they couldn’t help but roll Mark into the mix. Helping with the design and build of Bib’s Downtown, Ricky had his hands full.
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    Robert Moreau

    After moving to his quote "new home town" of Winston-Salem in May of 1993, co-owner Robert Moreau fell in love with both the city and its residents. Although his business ventures began with selling nuts, bolts and construction supplies, Moreau always had a dream of running a restaurant, especially one that followed his passion - the "Bestern BBQ" imaginable. Today, this dream has become a realization and now he hopes to share this passion and desire with the entire world. As Moreau states, "how could life get any better than sharing your dream with everyone possible." Welcome to Bibs Downtown - Bestern BBQ Dreams Come True!